• How to Clean and Use Electric Kettle

    From the beginning of time, since people started to socialize and go to each other’s houses for food and drink, women have dreaded what comes after the consumption of the food; tea. In most households tea is consumed before and after every meal. When men see that their wives or daughters are resting, they keep them occupied by asking them to make tea. As tea is made often, the kettle is always dirty. If, God forbid, you reheat the tea that you made earlier, the sides of the kettle gets so dirty, it takes you a good ten minutes just to scrub it off. If you do succeed to scrub it off, there is still some lingering dirtiness on the kettle that leaves a weird taste in your mouth when you drink the tea. Just to avoid washing kettles, women buy them in bulk so that if one of those kettles is dirty, she can just open up her cupboard and take out a new one.


    This is where technology comes to the aid of women everywhere. In 1891, some genius came up with the idea to have a kettle which can ease all your troubles: the electric kettle. The electric kettle heats up the water so proficiently that the tea, somehow, tastes all the much better. Now a day most of the people refer electric kettles made in usa

    Moreover, it gives the ladies an excuse to avoid making mixed tea, which takes a lot more effort than putting a tea bag in a steaming mug of water and milk. But then again, things are not easy for women at all. There is still the matter of cleaning the electric kettle. However, this kettle does not require to be cleaned on a very regular basis.


    If you’re into organic cleaning, the best way to clean your kettle is by putting water into it, adding either a lemon or vinegar, let the water come to a boil, pour out the mixture and then dry it with a clean cloth.

    This will clean your electric kettle thoroughly but will consume a bit of your time and towards the end of the month.

    When the groceries are on an all-time low, you’d be in trouble if you didn’t have the aforementioned things at hand. Another way to go, is to add a bit of dishwashing liquid into the kettle and clean it manually, but then it takes about the same amount of effort that it takes to clean a regular kettle, so it really isn’t the easy way out. Whilst cleaning your electric kettle, to get rid of that white residue on the sides (hard water build up or lime scale), citric acid is your best friend. It would not take up your time and it won’t require you to keep scrubbing until your arms hurt. Most of the scincetest prefers best non stick cookware due to its amazing feature.
    Men are never going to get tired of tea, and women won’t ever not be asked to make tea for them, therefore, the better choice is to throw out your regular kettle, get a bunch of tea bags, get a lot of powdered milk and buy an electric kettle to make your life easier. Women do not belong only in the kitchen but they often end up there, so, why not make that necessity a bearable experience rather than an insufferable one.